mini pc keyboard touchpad


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What is the best wireless keyboard with a touchpad mouse combo?

GECENinov portable 2.4GHz Mini wireless keyboard with touchpad mouse combo. Widely used to change slides and screen options, write on the screen, simply connect via only 2.4GHz USB receiver.

Can you connect a mini keyboard to a tablet or laptop?

If you want to buy a mini keyboard that can be connected to your tablet or laptop, you can easily find multiple options online. And if you want to combine the features of a keyboard and mouse in one, you can go for a wireless keyboard with a touchpad.

How to use the touchpad on the keyboard?

Using the Touchpad The touchpad is activated together with the keyboard. When the keyboard is on, the keyboard is ready for use. FN+F8 can turn on / off touchpad functionYou will enjoy more convenience and control on-screen menu easier. Auto Sleep and Wake-up feature

How many keys on a wireless keyboard with touchpad?

A wireless keyboard with touchpad, in the majority of cases, has 104 keys or more, even with a number pad. The keys in most keyboards are similar to those you see in laptops, full-sized, slim and portable but comfortable in use at the same time.

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