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What kind of processors do your NUC mini PCs have?

We offer an assortment of models like our Intel NUC range including the fast Core i5 and Core i7 NUC mini PCs. By building our PCs with trusted components such as Kingston, Corsair, Western Digital, Samsung and more, our PCs are always at the high-quality standard we strive for. Our PCs feature the latest generation Intel and AMD Ryzen processors.

How much does a mini PC cost?

Mini PCs range from small project PCs for under $50 (£50/AU$75) to compact desktops that can cost $1,000 or more. Stick PCs are the most versatile, and generally cost between $100 (£100/AU$150) and $200 (£200/$AU300), and will work with most TVs or monitors. Mini PC prices vary considerably based on hardware.

What are MiniMini PCs?

Mini PCs can offer the same speed and power has a full desktop computer while using much less room. They are ideal for home and offices especially if space is an issue. All our PCs are brand new with Windows 10. Before shipping to you, all required drivers will be pre-installed and the PC is rigorously tested for quality assurance.

What\’s the Best Mini PC for gaming?

We\’ve got the best monitors you can buy What are the best mini PCs? The best mini PC overall is the Apple Mac mini, the late 2020 version of Apple\’s compact desktop computer. As one of the first Macs outfitted with Apple\’s M1 processor, it offers a lot of power at a more affordable price than ever before.

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