mini keyboard pc

A mini keyboard is a compact version of computer keyboard designed for people who are constantly on the move, need a keyboard to work with mobile gadgets or/and simply do not want to keep a huge keyboard on their working table all the time. There can be some deviations in models\’ sizes, shapes or functionality.
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What is a mini keyboard?

A mini keyboard is a keyboard that is much smaller than a traditional keyboard, yet allows the user to have a convenient input device. Usually, they are sold at places that sell computer accessories, though are not necessarily meant for use with a personal computer.

Do mini keyboards work without a dongle?

They have the same key layout as a full-sized keyboard, plus a small touchpad to control your computer’s mouse curser. Because they connect to your devices via Bluetooth, these mini keyboards can connect to your computer, tablet, or smartphone without a USB dongle.

Can you connect a mini keyboard to a tablet or laptop?

If you want to buy a mini keyboard that can be connected to your tablet or laptop, you can easily find multiple options online. And if you want to combine the features of a keyboard and mouse in one, you can go for a wireless keyboard with a touchpad.

Should you get a mini bluetooth keyboard?

Instead of balancing a keyboard on one knee, and a touchpad on the other, the smarter solution is to get a mini Bluetooth keyboard. These ultra-compact keyboards look more like a smartphone turned on its side, but have physical keys.

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