ipad mini not connecting to pc

Your iPad will need to be powered on in order to connect to your computer. If the iPad is off, press and hold the Power button for a few seconds until the Apple logo appears. If the iPad is out of battery, let it charge before connecting it to the computer. The iPad will charge while connected to the computer, but very slowly. 3
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What to do if my iPad won\’t connect to my computer?

1 Method 1: Check USB Cable and USB Port. First, you need to check the USB cable you are using to connect the device. … 2 Method 2: Reboot iPad and Computer. … 3 Method 3: Update Apple Mobile Device USB Driver. … 4 Method 4: Update/Reinstall iTunes. … 5 Method 5: Some iPadOS Problems Can Lead to Connection Failure. …

How do I connect my iPad to my computer for free?

Steps Install iTunes. You will need to install iTunes before connecting your iPad to your computer. iTunes can be downloaded for free from the iTunes website. Turn the iPad on. Your iPad will need to be powered on in order to connect to your computer. Connect the iPad via USB.

Why can’t I connect my iPad to iTunes?

If iPad cannot connect to iTunes then it is possibly an issue with the iTunes app. You can try updating the app to its latest version, possibly fixing the issue. So, follow the steps below to update iTunes on your computer;

Why can’t my iPad connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth?

In some iPads, the Wi-Fi antenna also connects to Bluetooth devices. If you’ve been having trouble connecting your iPad to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, you may be dealing with a broken antenna. If you have AppleCare+, schedule a Genius Bar appointment and bring your iPad into your local Apple Store.

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