hp mini pc windows 10 pro

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Can I run the HP Minit on Windows 10?

You could also try running a free Linux OS such as Linux Mint or similar which would probably run better. 02-16-2019 04:07 PM Well, the HP Minit doesn\’t run too well with Windows 7 SP1, so surely Window 10 can\’t be any worse!

Can the Mini 210 run Windows 10?

Just looking at the specs of the Mini 210 it is not going to run Windows 10 very well. What amount of RAM do you have? I guess you could try the Windows 10 32 bit edition with 2GB of RAM.

How much RAM does the HP Mini 210 have?

The 32bit version will only recognize max 4GB of RAM. 02-19-2019 04:00 AM Old age must be getting the better of my memory! I just ran Speccy on the HP Mini 210 and it reports that it only has 4GB of RAM, so I must have upgraded it from 2GB to 4GB several years ago. I\’m not sure if it can even be upgraded to 8GB, thinking about it.

Is there a SATA drive bracket in the HP desktop mini?

There is no SATA drive bracket in the Desktop Mini with M.2 storage configuration. To use or upgrade the storage with any 6.35 cm (2.5 in) SATA drive, select a DM SATA drive bracket (available both factory-configured and as an aftermarket option). HP Secure Erase does not support platforms with Intel Optane.

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