dual lan mini pc pfsense

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Can I use my Intel NUC mini-PC as a pfSense router?

I am currently using this device as a Windows media server and it’d be a waste of resources to turn the entire Intel Nuc mini-PC ($400 device) into a dedicated pfSense router. So, instead, I’ve decided to install Oracle VirtualBox on Windows 10 that is already running on this box and then install pfSense as a virtual router.

What is pfSense and how does it work?

What is pfSense? pfSense can be installed on a physical computer or a virtual machine to essentially create a dedicated firewall/router network device. It can be configured and upgraded through a web-based interface and requires no knowledge of the underlying OS system to manage.

How to install pfSense on virtual machine (VM)?

Right-click on the VM, go to Storage tab and load the pfSense-CE-2.4.4-RELEASE-p3-amd64.iso file: Then Start the VM by pressing the Start button.

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