dual boot android mini pc

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What happened to the dual boot mini PC?

Last year, we were promised dual boot mini PC based on Intel that would run Windows 8.1 or Android 4.4, but finally companies decided against shipping a dual boot firmware, and simply loaded Windows 8.1 on their machines.

Is it possible to dual boot Android and Windows?

Still, there are those who prefer to dual boot Windows and Android. But you might be one of the few who would rather use both Operating Systems on one machine. Here’s some information that can help you to learn how to dual boot Android and Windows.

Where to buy a dual boot laptop with dual boot firmware?

Individuals can pre-order Wintel W8, which should feature the same dual boot firmware, on Geekbuying for $126 . A model called Wintel CX-W8 is also available on Aliexpress for just under $100, but with Windows 8.1 only, and most probably without a proper Windows license.

How to install Android system on a mini PC?

Copy the bios files to U flash drive, connect to your mini PC, right click “FLASHWin32.BAT” and choose “Run as Adminstrator”. (Do this procedure if the mini PC can boot normally, if it can’t boot normally, omit it.) 3. Decompress the firmware file, copy the Android system to U flash driver, connect to mini PC.

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