cyclone windows mini pc

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Does the sumvision Cyclone Mini PC V2 run 64-bit Windows 10?

The Sumvision Cyclone Mini PC v2 runs 64-bit Windows 10! To be honest, I wasn\’t expecting much, I was looking for something to tide me over until I could get a custom laptop built. It\’s a tiny, tiny thing, though from the reviews, I knew it had promise.

What is a Cyclone Mini PC?

A carefully engineered mix of stylish piano black design combined with small and robust components. The Cyclone Mini PC is a reliable and portable PC that you can use for entertainment or work.

Does cyclone work on 64-bit platforms?

Cyclone\’s code can be made to work with some effort, but it will not build out of the box on modern (64 bit) platforms). Cyclone is available as a VirtualBox VM for 32-bit platforms. See this blog post for how to get and install it.

Why get a cyclone PC over a PC stick?

One of the great things about this PC is the size which means if you have access to a tv and the internet then you easily plug in your PC. So why get this sumvision Cyclone PC over a PC stick. Well the PC sticks over heat and are more limited.

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