best mini pc for home cinema

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What is the Best Mini PC for home theater?

If you’re looking for an absolute top of the line home theater PC in terms of performance, the Intel NUC 8 Performance-G Mini PC is the go-to.

What are the Best Mini PCs for work in 2019?

We present to you the most significant mini PCs that are certainly going to cater to all your work needs in 2019. Our list begins with the ASUS CHROMEBIT CS10 Stick. This is a micro PC designed to exude sophistication. It features many intricate details that allow the product to fit into any environment effortlessly.

Should you buy a Mac mini for home theater?

Thankfully, the Mac mini has a decent amount of storage, great for those who might be using it as a home theater PC to store your media on rather than as a streaming machine.

How much does a mini PC cost?

Mini PCs range from small project PCs for under $50 (£50/AU$75) to compact desktops that can cost $1,000 or more. Stick PCs are the most versatile, and generally cost between $100 (£100/AU$150) and $200 (£200/$AU300), and will work with most TVs or monitors. Mini PC prices vary considerably based on hardware.

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