beelink geminin41 mini pc review

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Is the beelink gkmini a good mini PC?

The GKmini is a very basic mini PC with low power consumption whilst still offering capable performance including 4K video streaming. It is relatively inexpensive given its inclusions of memory, storage, and Windows license and it comes with a one-year warranty. I’d like to thank Beelink for providing the GKmini for review.

What is the beelink Gemini T45?

Beelink have further extended their ‘Gemini’ range of mini PCs by adding the T45. This is an actively cooled mini PC that uses the slightly older Apollo Lake Intel Pentium N4200 CPU which is a quad-core 4-thread 1.10 GHz processor boosting to 2.50 GHz with Intel’s HD Graphics 505.

Is the beelink M1 a good PC?

Learn more The Beelink M1 is a decent compact PC, but unless you have a very specific reason to like it, we’d recommend the AP34 Pro from the same vendor, as that device offers the same set of core components – and then some.

What is beelink gk55?

Beelink GK55: a small, simple, dedicated office PC This small PC with a quad-core processor has everything to seduce office suite users. Its multi-core processor first of course, which will allow you to have several applications open without the computer having to row. Then the silence… This computer heats up little, which allows working in peace.

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