beelink bt3 pro mini pc user manual

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What is beelink BT3 pro?

Beelink BT3 Pro is a modern Mini PC built on the basis of a powerful Intel Atom Quad Core x5-Z8350 processor with passive cooling, thanks to which, it is easy and comfortable to work with.

What\’s new in the beelink mini-PC?

New from Beelink received a new improved processor Intel Atom x5-Z8350, 4 GB of RAM and dual-band WiFi adapter. Also, the mini-PC is additionally equipped with a VGA port and has minor changes in the design of the case compared to the younger model.

What is beelink technology?

Shenzhen Beelink Technology Co.,Ltd.(深圳市安卓微科技有限公司)was established in 2010 in Futian,Shenzhen,China. It specializes in product definition,research and development,production of home entertainment equipment and productivity tools (DONGLE,BOX,remote control,game console,home cloud,all-in-one,MINI PC),Sales.

How to install bt3proii driver on Windows 10 64-bit?

1. Export Driver from the shipped working system C:\\BT3PROII-DRIVER>pnputil /export-driver * .\\ 2. Download Driver from BIOSTAR 3. Download Driver from Microsoft After a fresh installation of Windows 10 64-bit, connect the Ethernet Cable.

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