barebones mini pc case

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What are the best small barebones computers?

Intel continues to push the boundaries with its small barebones PCs and still sets the standard for everyone else to chase. The ASUS PN51 is a fantastic mini PC, but the company also offers it as a barebones kit, as the PN50.

What is a mini Barebone PC?

Mini Barebone PCs. In addition to being an option for someone who does not require a lot of computing power, the mini barebone PC designation is also considered ideal for building an attractive, customized media hub. Mini barebone PCs can be used in many different ways. 1) Video game console: Using one PC for both gaming and work can be cumbersome.

What does a barebones computer consist of?

But, typically, when you purchase a barebones you can expect to find that it comprises a computer case with the motherboard and power-supply already fitted. It is then up to you as the builder to add storage, memory, CPU etc to flesh out the machine to a state of operational capability.

Is it worth buying a barebones PC?

The end result is the same, a superb, small form factor PC, but buying it in barebones form can save you some upfront costs and give you more flexibility to tailor it to your needs.

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