backup samsung s3 mini to pc

  1. Connect your device to your system with a USB cable.
  2. Select \”Backup & Restore\” on your Kies interface.
  3. Choose \”Data backup\” and pick the category of data you want to backup.
  4. Select the data that you want to transfer and click the \”Backup\” option.
  5. After finishing the backup process, you will get a prompt. Click the \”Complete\” button to exit successfully.

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How to backup Galaxy S3 to PC?

How to Backup Galaxy S3 Apps, Contacts, Messages and Pictures to PC ? One of the easiest and zero-cost ways to perform a backup for your Galaxy S3 is none other than using Samsung’s own software, Samsung Kies. Plus, with Kies, you can easily restore the data from backup file with less hassle.

What can I do with my Samsung Galaxy S3?

Learn more… The Samsung Galaxy S3 is an Android smartphone distributed by Samsung company. This touchscreen phone has a number of different features on it including a music player, user friendly interface, and downloadable application. By connecting your Samsung Galaxy S3 to a computer you can transfer and manage files between the two devices.

Why can’t I transfer photos from Samsung Galaxy S3 to computer?

It can happen when your Samsung Galaxy S3 has too many medias on it and a small internal memory. This is why we chose to teach you about how to transfer photos from your Samsung Galaxy S3 to a computer, for example, through a dedicated application, so you can normally use your Samsung Galaxy S3 again.

How to recover deleted files from Samsung Galaxy S3?

Connect your Galaxy S3 to PC using the USB data cable, and then launch the Kies software. Go to Back up/ Restore > Restore. Next, choose the appropriate backup file on the Select the backup file to restore drop down menu. Then, check the items that you would like to restore or check Select all items.

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