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Is the Atom CPU good enough to run Windows XP?

Nevertheless, the Atom CPU delivers adequate performance to be able to run the most common operating systems, like Windows XP. Additionally, Aside from the fact that, in part, the load times take getting used to, while starting programs, for example, the performance of the Inspiron Mini running Win XP can be described as thoroughly satisfactory.

What is the difference between the Dell Z-series and Intel Atom?

While both have a 1.6GHz clock speed, the Z-series runs cooler and was intended for handheld mobile Internet devices (sometimes called MIDs). In our benchmark testing it ran slower than the Dell Mini 10v that has the N270 version of the Intel Atom, which was specifically designed for Netbooks.

Is the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 compatible with the Intel Atom Z520?

Principally, the SCH US15W is validated for Intel Atom processors of the Z5xx series. Thus, the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 is also available with the lower clocked Z520. The Intel Atom Z530 processor is a single core processor with a 512K cache, a 1.6 GHz and a 533 MHz frontsidebus.

Is the Dell Inspiron Mini 12 a netbook?

More recently, though, the Inspiron Mini 12 was introduced, which, as the name suggests, is equipped with a 12 inch display and therefore not actually a member of the netbooks category, anymore.

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