asus vivomini mini pc vc66-b007z review

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What is the Asus VivoMini vc66?

The ASUS VivoMini VC66 is a high-performance mini PC with a versatile modular design and full connectivity. The VC66 takes processor-intensive tasks in stride, thanks to its desktop-grade 7th Generation Intel ® Core™ (Kaby Lake) processor and DDR4 memory.

What are the specifications of the VivoMini PC?

The system can be configured with a 2.80Ghz & Turbo boost at 4.0Ghz hexa-core processor with 9MB cache, up to 8GB of memory, and an m.2 SSD of 128 Gb, but the graphics processor will be using SOC Intel UHD 630 running up to 1.05Ghz and supporting 4k resolution at 60Hz. Dismantle Vivomini PC.

Is the mini vc66 a good computer for gaming?

That said, our review model had an Intel 7th Gen Cor i7-7700, 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD inside that boasts great playback capabilities. The Mini VC66 has a modern design, and because it is so small, it really is minimalist and won’t take up a ton of space.

Is the Asus ZenFone vc66 good for gaming?

That, combined with a total of 8GB of RAM, and the compact VC66 offers some incredible power. There isn’t any room for a graphics card, so the device is powered by an integrated Intel HD graphics chip in the processor. This will work fine for everyday use on Windows, but it doesn’t bode well for anything else that’s more demanding, such as gaming.

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