asrock beebox black mini pc

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Does the ASRock beebox play 4K?

The ASRock Beebox is an Intel NUC-based device, but unlike other NUC devices, the ASRock Beebox is capable of 4K playback, along with STEAM streaming, Netflix, and everything else you might need a PC in your livingroom for.

What is the difference between the ASRock NUC beebox-s and original nucs?

ASRock went ahead and added a fan and the latest in platform technologies to produce the new Beebox-S series. The Beebox-S is only 0.6L, which is smaller than some other NUCs, and even with the higher TDP CPU, the new Beebox-S is the same size as the original.

Does beebox work as a wireless access point?

Beebox comes with an exclusive 802.11ac WiFi (2.4G/5G WiFi) module and also works as a wireless access point. With Intel ® Ready Mode Technology (RMT), Beebox may remain silent, display off, but still actively receive incoming emails, updates, social media alerts, and continue to serve as a wireless access point while minimizing power consumption.

What is the ASRock NUC box-1165g7?

This review takes a look at the features and capabilities of the NUC BOX-1165G7, with some commentary on what Tiger Lake brings to the table for machines in this form-factor. ASRock is a well-known vendor in the consumer PC market. In 2011, the company set up the ASRock Industrial business unit to focus on industrial motherboards.

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