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What is a mini desk vacuum?

The mini desk vacuum is a small desk vacuum that is actually shaped like a stand up floor vacuum. Why swipe the crumbs on your desk with your hand into the garbage or onto the floor, when you can spend your next 10 minutes sucking them up with your new mini desk vacuum and then emptying the bag out afterwards.

Does the mini desk vacuum plug into the USB port?

Not only does the mini desk vacuum plug into your USB port, bit it also wraps up nicely right on the vacuum base just like a normal floor vacuum would do.

How do you use a mini vacuum cleaner?

Use this handy mini vac on hard or upholstered surfaces to suck up crumbs, dust and small debris. It\’s designed with a 12,000 RPM Micro-Vortex motor, crumb-busting bristles and a fusion-mesh air filter. It\’s perfect for clearing away crumbs on your sofa, car seats or carpets. This mini cleaner tackles kitchen tasks with ease, too.

What does the Crumby lady bug vacuum look like?

Make quick work of little messes with Crumby Lady Bug Mini Vacuum from As Seen on TV. This adorable pint-size contraption looks like a sweet lady bug. Round and red with distinctive black spots and perky little eyes, she will surprise you with her power!

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