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What kind of OS does the Android mini PC run?

Click to Enlarge As its name implies, the Android 4.0 Mini PC runs a stock version of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Its makers have not added any kind of skins or enhancements to Google\’s OS, but that\’s just fine with us.

What does the Android mini PC look like?

Click to Enlarge At first glance, the Android 4.0 Mini PC, which measures 3 x 1 x 0.4 inches and weighs just 1 ounce, looks like a large USB Flash Drive. Though it won\’t win any fashion contests, the tiny matte black plastic device has a geek chic aesthetic.

What is the smallest computer on a stick?

A computer on a stick, OEM Systems Co.\’s Android 4.0 Mini PC is the smallest computer ever sold to consumers.

What is the Best Mini PC to buy?

What are the best mini PCs? The best mini PC overall is the Apple Mac mini, the late 2020 version of Apple\’s compact desktop computer. As one of the first Macs outfitted with Apple\’s M1 processor, it offers a lot of power at a more affordable price than ever before.

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