android mini pc quad core comparison

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What is the difference between the 4K Quad core mini PC v3/v5?

The 4K Quad core mini pc V3 runs Android 7.1/9.0&ubuntu for option and is equipped with the RK3328 q… The 4K Quad core mini pc V5 runs Android5.1 / Android7.1 for option and is equipped with the RK3288 … The MK802 IV runs Android 4.4 and is equipped with the RK3188T quad core chipset……

What is the best 4K Android mini PC?

V5 is high level quad core 4K Android 5.1 Mini PC which is equipped with popular RK3288 chipset, it brings you high performance for home entertainment center. Android Market:Support downloading more than 600,000 applications from google play store.

What is the best Android mini PC for gaming?

If you want to turn your TV into an arcade, the CX-919 Android Mini PC is your best choice. With its powerful quad-core 1.6-GHz Rockchip RK3188 CPU, the CX-919 is more than fast enough to play demanding games such as Shadowgun, Dead Trigger or Riptide GP 2.

How much does an Android mini PC cost?

With prices starting at just over $40, these Android Mini PCs feature speedy dual or quad-core processors, microSD slots for memory expansion, and support for USB peripherals, Bluetooth and 802.11n Wi-Fi.

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