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How to use a NAS server as a media server?

For example, you can save data related to BitTorrent directly on the NAS hard drives. Conversion of NAS server into a media server is also possible using the Plex media server extension that allows to manage media data in a visually appealing manner and to stream it to other devices.

What kind of operating system do I need for a NAS server?

You need to select the right kind of operating system after assembling all the hardware components of the NAS server. There are actually lots of operating systems that can be used in a NAS server such as FreeNAS, TrueNAS, and Widows Home Server.

Can you build a NAS from an old PC?

Building your own DIY NAS from an old PC is an excellent way to get advanced features and plenty of storage space without paying out for a brand name. It’s also the best way to create precisely the NAS system you want, without compromising on detail.

Should you choose a NAS or a Plex server for Android?

Once you get it configured, though, a NAS can store a ton of media very efficiently, and the more powerful models can even do hardware video transcoding. The Synology platform is also optimized for Android users, which is a nice bonus. What should you choose? The Plex server you choose depends on how serious you are.

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