android mini pc mk809iv

MK809IV Android Mini PC made in China can be customized from Shenzhen Hongxin NetVision Digital Technology Co., Ltd. We are one of the manufacturers and suppliers from China factory. Welcome to wholesale latest selling and high quality MK809IV Android Mini PC which is in stock with good price. MK809IV Android Mini PC has brands and CE. If you need, we will provide …

  • CPU: RK3229 32bits Quad Core 1.46Ghz (Cortex-A7)

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    Is the mk809 the best Android mini PC for You?

    The MK809 is a very capable entry into the Android Mini PC market. If you want something that has reasonable performance at a very low price, then this is your Stick. For the more advanced user, there’s a wealth of resources that can help you expand and update to your hearts content.

    What is the mk809iv dongle?

    The MK809IV dongle use Rockchip RK3188-T as its main processor, it has 2GB RAM and 8GB ROM space, which runs Android 4.4 operating system, and its wireless chipset supports 802.11 b/g/n and 2.4 GHz (kind of sad, because my router supports 802.11c 5GHz WiFi). The TV dongle is also called MK809IV red slider version in some website:

    What is the mk809 IV Android TV Stick?

    Like its popular predecessor, the MK809, the MK809 IV is an enigma among Android TV Sticks. Searching for information about this device will leave you wanting.

    What is the difference between the Samsung Galaxy mk809 and mk809 III?

    It’s near-cousin, the MK809 III is virtually identical, with often only a bit less RAM, Storage or an earlier version of Android separating them. The MK809 is built upon the solid foundation of the Rockchip RK3188 Quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor. As is the case with other MK’s, the IV is paired with a Mali GPU.

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