alienware mini gaming pc small form

Experience 60FPS gameplay on favorites like The Witcher 3, Mortal Kombat X, and more. With up to 6th Gen Intel® processors, 60% higher GPU performance, a M.2 PCle SSD Slot, Graphics Amplifier support (on select models) and an ultra-small form factor, the Alpha is the superior choice for gaming at home or your next LAN party.

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Is Alienware Alpha good for gaming?

Ready for upgrades: Although impressive on its own, the Alienware Alpha with i5 and i7 processors can be boosted with a Graphics Amplifier1 for more intense gameplay. Game on the go: LAN parties have never been easier and more accessible thanks to the Alpha’s ultra-small form factor and minimal set up.

What is watch Alienware?

Watch Alienware insiders walk you through the awesome Alienware Alpha and check out the intense levels of gameplay. Superior gaming. Streamlined. Gaming Simplified: Quickly download games straight to your Alpha with the click of a few buttons. All your games stay up to date and ready to play, all the time.

Is there such a thing as a small gaming PC?

The best small gaming PC is incredibly tricky to find. Not only is it hard to find powerful components that can be squeezed into a tiny form factor, but it can be hard to find the right price for all of it. There are tons of mini PCs out there, but which ones let you get a lot of gaming done without completely breaking the bank?

Is there such a thing as a small form factor gaming PC?

There are more options for a small form factor gaming PC build than there have ever been, thanks to both motherboard manufacturers embracing the mini-ITX PC factor, and processor makers, such as AMD, taking compact graphics power seriously. The most important thing is to ensure the case you buy will fit the components you want to cram into it.

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