acer revo build mini pc

Revo Build Mini PC 机箱 尺寸为5X5X2英寸 (12.7X12.7X5.1厘米),配置集成有 显卡 的英特尔 赛扬 或 奔腾 处理器、 8GB 内存 和 32GB 固态硬盘 。 机箱背部和侧面有足够多的接口: 3个 USB接口 、 1个 HDMI输出接口、DisplayPort接口、以太网接口和 SD卡 槽。 宏碁Revo Build Mini PC
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What is the Acer Revo build?

Revo Build specs: Intel Pentium / Celeron, up to 8GB RAM, Upgradeable magentic blocks, 125 x 125mm footprint It’s “Project Ara for PCs” is how the Acer Revo Build is talked about. Here we have a mini PC with a footprint of just 125 x 125mm that can be expanded using magnetic ‘blocks’ that clip on top of one another. So far, so clever.

How to upgrade the graphics and audio for the Revo build?

Get the optional Graphics Block module 3 to upgrade your graphics and play extreme-resolution content like 4K2K video. Another module you can get for the Revo Build is an Audio Block that features perfectly tuned stereo speakers and dual digital microphones.

How does the Acer BYOC™ desktop work?

Combine this desktop’s huge storage with its pre-loaded Acer BYOC™ apps to make it the center of your personal cloud. These apps give you everything you need to automatically back up (via the Web) all the photos and files on your smartphones, tablets, and computers to this desktop, and then to make those files accessible to all these devices.

How much storage space does the Revo one have?

It also has up to 2TB onboard storage 1 to store hundreds of movies, and that storage can be extended exponentially via twin SATA ports and ultra-fast RAID technology. Despite having all the power and functionality of a desktop computer, the Revo One is also very compact and stylishly sculpted.

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