acer mini pc atom

购物上 eBay, 尽享 Acer Intel Atom PC 台式机和一体机 的超值优惠! 您可在 eBay 找到各式 Acer Intel Atom PC 台式机和一体机 商品, 不论全新或二手, 应有尽有. 为部分物品提供包邮. 全球最多的 Acer Intel Atom PC 台式机和一体机 商品及最优惠的价格, 任您选购.

Related Questions:

Are Acer mini PCs any good?

While Acer is best known for their budget-priced laptops, it also has a decent slate of affordable desktop computers and some surprisingly competent mini PCs. If you’re looking for a mini PC that comes with Chrome OS installed instead of Windows for basic productivity or streaming 4K video, it has some intriguing options.

Is the Acer N570 the new Atom?

Acer, however, is getting a head start on the new Atom by immediately announcing an Aspire One netbook featuring the N570. Called the Aspire one AOD255E, the 10.1-inch netbook will feature a 1024×600 resolution display, 1GB DDR3 RAM, 250GB HDD and Windows 7 Starter.

Is the Acer cxi3 Chromebook worth it?

If you’re looking for solid performance but don’t necessarily need Windows, the Acer CXI3 Chromebook is a terrific mini PC. It comes equipped with an Intel i7 processor (8th generation), 16GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. Even browsing the web with 20 tabs open and streaming 4K video won’t slow you down.

What is Ram in a mini PC?

RAM – RAM, or random access memory, is the hardware inside your mini PC that temporarily stores data. RAM lets a computer work with more information simultaneously, which usually has a big effect on total system performance.

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