acer aspire revo mini desktop pc review

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What is the new Acer Revo build m1-601?

Acer has taken the idea of building your own PC to a whole new level with its new Revo Build M1-601. Resembling an Intel NUC, the Revo Build is a modular computer that lets you click together different parts like Lego to add functionality.

Is the Acer Revo one rl85 a good mini PC?

This highly compact mini-PC is really smartly designed, save for a couple of niggles, and is great for home entertainment duties, plus it offers some useful additional features. The Revo One RL85, Acer\’s entry to the ultra-mini PC market, has Apple\’s Mac mini and Intel\’s NUC micro-computers in its sights.

Is the Acer Revo a good office computer?

Acer\’s marketing has focused on the Revo as a home media centre, with its 7.1 HD sound coming through the HDMI port and its dual-4K support – but those same qualities would make it work well as a funky office computer.

What is the Acer Aspire Revo 3700?

The Acer Aspire Revo 3700 happens to be the newest stake of the Acer company in the hardware biz. This is a revolutionary Nettop which looks similar to a mini desktop, works like one and consumes minimum power usage.

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