acepc ak1 mini pc stop restore

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Is the acepc AK1 the Best Mini PC with an HDD?

The AcePC AK1 suffers from some design decisions that knock it down a few spots in the pecking order of HDD-friendly mini PCs. The Vorke V1 and the V1 Plus remain our firm favorites thanks to a combination of great pricing, bigger/better primary storage and a legacy VGA port.

What power supply does the acepc AK1 use?

On the wireless front there’s Bluetooth and 802.11ac Wi-Fi courtesy of an Intel 3165 part. Not surprisingly, this PC uses a rather beefy (but not chunky) 12V,2.5A (30W) power supply unit, a clear indication of how power-hungry the parts inside the AcePC AK1 are. Switch the machine on and a blue light glows from underneath the exhaust vent.

Is acepc AK1 a clone of the HP Elite slice?

Learn more The AcePC AK1 is clearly a clone of the HP Elite Slice, but unlike HP’s product, there don’t seem to be any plans to add more modules, which removes the very reason why the AK1 exists in the first place.

How much does the acepc AK1 cost?

(Ed: The price of the AK1 has been dropped to £107/$150 making it an even more alluring purchase). It’s difficult not to think of Acer and HP when you come across the AcePC AK1. The latter borrows some ideas from the likes of the HP Elite Slice and the Acer Revo Build M1.

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