What is a Mini PC

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    • Introduction
    • Product features
    • Material


Mini PCs are small in size, space-saving, low power consumption, cost-saving, and environmental protection. Once deployed, there is no need to manage any applications, software, or drivers on the device.

A portable mini pc

Product Features

    • (1) High Stability: the graphics card will be inserted into the computer host, installed as a Mini PC, 1-7 computer users can use the computer at the same time, can run the same or different programs, mutual interference, processing speed is not affected. Mini PC can achieve a dynamic allocation of system resources, and stable implementation of applications based on WIN2000 or WINXP system, because the performance is very superior, expand several Mini PC with the same excellent performance of the host, reducing the host hardware terminal, and make equipment failure rate greatly reduced. It is worth mentioning that a lot of good legitimate software is hard encryption, and the price is higher.
    • (2) The Overall Cost Is Less: due to the computer CPU upgrade too fast, experts statistics, more than 99% of the computer on average every 2-3 years for an upgrade, each upgrade of the hardware equipment, motherboard, hard disk, CPU, memory is the main object of the upgrade, are the equipment in the computer host. While 80% of the hardware is replaced with each upgrade, this PC only needs to replace 15% of the hardware! Computer Minicomputer effectively reduces initial cost, maintenance cost, electricity cost, site cost, upgrade cost, etc. Unprecedented improvement in cost performance, saving power energy and space, environmental protection, can achieve single-machine multi-user.
    • (3) Fast Reading Speed: unique technology to increase reading efficiency, dynamic allocation of system resources, providing better execution efficiency of the system.
    • (4) Strong Confidentiality: support dynamic directory management and permission management, allowing each user of the device’s private directory, to avoid mutual interference and disclosure.
    • (5) More Convenient Maintenance: only one host needs to be maintained, which greatly improves the utilization rate of system equipment and reduces maintenance costs. Software updates and hardware upgrades are easier to maintain with less work.
    • (6) Independent Performance Is Good: each user can independently access the Internet and use various application software, and can independently log in to the LOCAL area network, and can completely use any shared resources of the local area network, but also can independently listen to music and copy materials. Mini PC has online entertainment applications, video information, game applications, you can usually not use the APP application to move to the FRONT of the TV end, usually online e-book reading, real-time weather forecast, real-time stock online, real-time booking services, real-time flight query services can be realized in front of the Mini PC display.
    • (7) High LAN Speed: the reduction of the number of hosts greatly reduces the network collision on the LAN, so that the net benefit is greatly improved. The reduction of network cables and ports also reduces the cost of setting up a network.
    • (8) Good Software Benefits: each user can use the legal operating system, OFFICE software, CAD engineering design, Photoshop art design, 3D drawing production, Internet access, games, video security monitoring, etc. Allows you to legally maximize the simultaneous use of licensed software.
    • (9) Security Management: all management is performed on the host, all users are centrally controlled by the WINDOWS core master console, can set each user access, Mini PC management is quite easy and convenient. Computer terminals can be equipped with various hard disk protection cards or virus firewalls. Effectively prevent viruses from light and floppy disks and prevent unauthorized data replication. In terms of functionality, the net minus has the least functionality, but installation, maintenance, and compatibility are the best. And the multimedia Mini PC function is the most complete, all-powerful. But installation, maintenance, and compatibility came second. Computer extensions came in second. Mini PC with high-definition blu-ray playback function, and support a variety of video formats, under the broadband connection can be online to watch online movie and video resources, and video clarity can be effectively guaranteed 720P,1080P and so on.
  • Material

    Plastic, metal, and aluminum alloy material shells, the most used is aluminum alloy material. Because it is metal, its thermal conductivity and strength are particularly outstanding. Aluminum alloy has lightweight, low density, good heat dissipation, and strong compressive resistance, which can fully meet the requirements of 3C products with high integration, lightness, miniaturization, anti-crash, electromagnetic shielding, and heat dissipation. It is several times harder than a traditional plastic case but weighs only a third as much.

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