The GeForce RTX3050-GameOC Running Score

The GeForce RTX3050-GameOC is a graphics card that can bring a stable performance experience to friends. It meets our daily needs without any problems, so what kind of running score does it have on this graphics card? Now there is a small series to introduce it to you.

1. What is the running score of sotai GeForceRTX3050X-GameOC?

The following are the core parameters of the graphics card, which is a standard RTX 3050 (locking power) graphics card. It is equipped with GA106-150 core, 2560 Kuda computing units, 8GB 128-bit GDDR6 memory, and the power consumption of the graphics card is 130W.

It can be seen that RTX 3050 is positioned in the middle, and its core scale is higher than 1660 Super but lower than RTX.

Next, let’s bake the machine and see how its heat dissipation and power supply are doing.

After baking a single doughnut for 15 minutes, the core temperature is stable at 66℃, the power consumption is stable at 130W, and the core frequency is 1750 MHz. The fan is not fully loaded, only 44%. It seems that the power consumption of RTX 3050 is really low, and a single fan can hold it down, let alone three fans. Maybe a large number of RTX 3050 graphics cards will be used on the chassis host next.

Next, a 3DMark stress test is conducted. This test can detect whether the performance of the graphics card declines under continuous running. Generally, more than 97% of the graphics card is qualified. The measured GeForce RTX 3050 X-Game OC score of Suotai is 99.2%, almost no frequency reduction, and it passes the test perfectly.

In the 3DMark TimeSpy test, the score of the graphics card reached 6214.

The limit score of Fire is 7422, which is roughly equivalent to GTX 1660. But don’t forget, RTX 3050 is a new architecture and has a larger video memory, so it can smoothly run most games at 2K resolution and enjoy a high frame rate at 1080p resolution.

In the 3DMARK portal light chase test, it scored 3528 points. If you want to play light chase masterpiece once in a while, you can still play in the medium and low image quality of 1080p resolution.

Words From Editor

Thai GeForceRTX3050X-GameOC, as a mid-range positioning graphics card, has reasonable performance, which is enough to meet our needs.

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